The Story Behind Our Handcrafted Ring Business

Rob and Lean Custom Handcrafted Rings in Cabool, MO was born from a unique idea, a little bit of luck, and a whole lot of prayer. We are Rob and Leighanne Thompson, and we started our custom ring business in 2006.

Using a hand-me-down jeweler’s lathe and working from the enclosed back porch of our home, we made our first ring from solid wood. Rob likes to say that this first ring wasn’t spectacular. In his honest assessment of our humble start, he said, “it was round and had a hole in it.”

Within one year of our first creation, we were making our custom rings full time. Today, we are blessed to have been in business for more than 12 years and we look forward to having more success in the future.

For us, making rings has always been a family affair. Not only do we work together as a husband-and-wife team but we also employ three of our grown children full time. Our vision for the future is to pass our family business down to our children and then to their own kids.