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Rings by Rob and Lean

Hi there! We’re Rob and Leighanne Thompson. We’ve been making and selling our rings here on Etsy for over ten years now, and we’re looking forward to many more years here. We are high school sweethearts who’ve been married for almost twenty three years and we have seven children together. We live on sixty three beautiful acres in the Missouri Ozarks with our cocker spaniels, a small herd of dairy goats, and two mouthy African grey parrots. We like the outdoors, our animals, gardening, and enjoy spending time with our family.

Why should you buy from Rings by Rob and Lean?
– Our rings are truly handmade, by us. All of our rings are made to order, in our studio. Our rings are still made the same way they were when we started out, one at a time, and just for the person ordering, without automated machinery. Each piece is truly custom.

-Quality. We start with aerospace grade titanium, and use stabilized wood for our inlays. We then add a durable, water resistant coating to all of our inlays for moisture resistance and durability, and do not charge extra for this. Our desire is to create beautiful, customized, quality pieces at affordable prices. Everyone deserves to own a custom made piece of jewelry.

-Experience. With over 20 years combined experience, you can count on us to help you throughout the whole process. We can answer all of your questions, help with sizing and streamline the ring ordering process. We are passionate about what we do and you can trust us to make your ring ordering experience pleasant and hassle free.

-Feedback. Our feedback here on Etsy is excellent; you can buy from us with confidence based on other’s experience with us.

If you send us a convo and we don’t get right back to you, please send us another message! Things can get pretty hectic for us at times, and we get so many messages that they can get buried fast! Since we love hearing from folks, if we don’t get back with you right away, just contact us again. (Also, if you message us over the weekend or late in the evening, please be patient with us. We’ll get back to you early on the next business day :).)

We “quit our day job” in 2007 and have been making our titanium and wood inlay rings full time ever since. Etsy featured us and even took our rings with them when Martha Stewart featured Etsy on her show. We are thankful to be able to make a living doing what we love!